In November 2015, terrorists attacked multiple locations throughout Paris which resulted in over 130 deaths and more than 300 injuries. France is our ally! How could this happen? This led Americans to head to Facebook and Twitter to #prayforfrance or put a French flag over their profile photo. But many were also wondering about other countries with tragedies of their own that go widely under-reported. Why does France get a hashtag, global outrage, and a profile flag? What about all the other countries? Does anyone care? Are we getting to the part that’s specifically about Yemen, you know the theme of this blog, yet? YES! Quite simply, the attack in France led me to start following French news sources on Twitter. My eyes were opened to so much more happening around the world, events deserving of at least some recognition from the entire planet. I might be one petite American but I’ve heard you, world! It was one small reTweet in the French news about Syria that caught my eye because hey, that IS something we’re talking about in the US. But I didn’t stick around for the Tweets about Syria. At this time I discovered news about Yemen. Not familiar with that! And neither are most Americans. I was shocked to discover that whoa there is a war going on there and why is no one talking about it? So here I am now soaking up all the news on Yemen that I can find, Tweeting what I can, and maybe the news will reach someone, even one someone, like it reached me. It’s awful what’s happening there and I don’t know what I can do from America, but I can listen and I can write. Some people simply want to know someone cares.

So here I am putting my international relations degree to use. I might’ve focused on western Europe then studied and lived in east Asia, so I am continuing my backwards theme of doing seemingly unrelated things by bringing my attention to this country in the Middle East that needs help, awareness, a prayer hashtag.