I feel like I can’t take anyone seriously when they use really bad nicknames like Killary, but this article is an interesting read. Clinton, Hilary, the democratic party’s nominee… PICK ONE. Anyway, the writer brings up a good point. All this destruction in the world and who is at the center of it all? The U.S.

“The life of the planet is in the hands of the criminally insane. This is the real humanitarian crisis.”

Why yes, the US government is pretty insane.

There is a reason why I never play America when playing nation building games like Civilization. I’m not an expansionist type. I don’t do conflict and I don’t want to implode the world. The US is always the giant army country in those games. The go fight everyone country. And those are just GAMES.

The article, go to Counter Punch.

I am filing this under “My Thoughts” because it’s a few of my thoughts plus a lot of someone else’s thoughts.