I decided to start a weekly overview of the news. I think it gives a bigger impact to see just how much is happening in seven days and if you’re feeling a little lost, it’s a bit of a summarized glimpse.

It’s probably a little weird to do the weekly overview starting with a Monday and ending Sunday, but let’s just go with it. And please note that not all blog postings will be summarized here.

The week of October 17 – October 23 has been the week of an ever growing cholera outbreak and a ceasefire that wasn’t.

MONDAY October 17 – Why the hell is the US helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen? A brief guide. This is what I like to call the introduction to Yemen’s war for confused people.

TUESDAY October 18 – Yemen Today in Numbers 78% of the population is in need of humanitarian aid, plus other scary numbers.

WEDNESDAY October 19 – Cholera Update The effects of war… 340 reported cases of cholera, a huge jump from 3 10 days before.

THURSDAY October 20 – Is this ceasefire really happening? Houthi militias violate truce, targets civilians

SUNDAY October 23 – I repeat… Is this ceasefire REALLY happening? Fighting rages in Yemen as UN appeals to extend ceasefire