“The village is comprised of a group of run-down houses. Next to the houses is a large school with an expansive playground. At a tented station outside one of the classrooms, we meet two health workers and their driver. They are part of the integrated outreach campaigns supported by UNICEF, in which health workers use any transport available to reach people who do not have access to hospitals or health facilities. They then provide adults and children with basic yet lifesaving medical services.

This is possibly the largest exercise of this nature in the country – health workers cover all governorates and provide a wide range of services, including screenings, referrals and treatment for children with malnutrition, integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI), vaccinations, reproductive health services for pregnant and new mothers, and more. At this school in the village, the health volunteers have already vaccinated 40 children against polio and other preventable diseases.”

Story on the UNICEF website.