It’s blog week three!

Some UN things happened this week. Ambassador Samantha Powers, a US representative to the UN, had some remarks about the war. In short, she’s calling for the fighting to stop because it’s getting the country nowhere, but also says that the US will support its ally Saudi Arabia. Ok then. US Congressman Lieu followed up with his own statement: “Our nation must stop aiding and abetting the military coalition by pulling out of the coalition immediately.” I need to do some more research on this, but I saw mixed reviews on Twitter  on Samantha Powers’ statement. That is on my upcoming week’s goal list.

Meanwhile, thousands of Yemenis protested a UN peace plan saying that it will “legitimize the rebels’ power grab.” and also “opens a door towards more suffering and war”. The link to the Aljazeera news article also has a handy map of who controls what in Yemen.

All these statements full of words are great and all, but what’s the next step? How do those words turn into actions so innocent people stop dying?

The Charities & Aid tag has some news about the most recent humanitarian work.

Also on my upcoming week’s goal list: I never got to doing a country profile update. I feel like this is important to understanding the country. What’s their culture, history, etc…? I only know the national flower, which is Arabian coffee btw.

To anyone reading this, thanks for stopping by and until next week! Please send me any interesting news you may find.