“Mwatana Organization for Human Rights has declared that the parties to the conflict involved in the armed ground conflict in Taiz governorate south Yemen, have committed a list of appalling grave human rights violations. The violations resulted in hundreds of killed and injured civilians and damaging the lives of thousands of the city’s residents in a manner that is clear to be a violation of the International Humanitarian Law since fighting broke out late March 2015.

The report titled: “Chapters from Hell” contains (177) incidents, investigated by Mwatana Organization, where the International Humanitarian Law was violated. These incidents provide a documentation of cases of hundreds of civilians who were killed and injured due to the armed ground conflict. Both sides of the conflict and their allies share responsibility for deploying and locating in the middle of civilian residential sites where attacks are launched from and on these sites. Consequently, thousands of civilians found themselves stuck in the middle of the two conflict sides where they face various violations.

Among the most apparent violations are those presented in killing, maiming, attacking medical staff and medical facilities, targeting schools and occupying them for military purposes and military recruitment of children in addition to Ansar Allah group forcing a suffocating blockade from time to time on the city to block entry of medical and humanitarian relief and aid. Similarly, the popular resistance assaulted relief organizations and humanitarian aid warehouses and carried out field executions.”

Full report from Mwatana Organization for Human Rights.