When learning about new countries and cultures, one of the first things I like to learn about is their FOOD. It can tell you so much about a place. With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow already, food is on my mind. So I got to researching and found some great blogs dedicated to the food of Yemen, recipes and all. OF COURSE these exist.

The first blog I would like to introduce is Yemeniyah’s Recipes. This recipe sharer extraordinaire is from Aden and has a TON of recipes for everything from soups to desserts, appetizers, and recipes for vegetarians too. Even if you’re not going to cook anything, this blog is fun to read, and the writer has some stories to go along with her recipes. “ALRIGHT, Latin Americans have Salsa nights but Yemenis have SALTA nights. The ONLY thing they have in common is that they are both HOT! This dish is made in a dish made of STONE called MADRA or HARADHA–yes stone and it is stove-top and oven safe and it stays hot for a long time during COLD Sanaa nights.” (From the recipe Yemeni Salta.)

Next up is Yemen Food Globally. This is a bit of a different take on Yemeni food as the writer isn’t from Yemen, but was introduced to the food by Yemeni friends and has a goal of visiting Yemeni restaurants all around the world. So if you don’t want to cook for yourself, maybe you’re near one of the reviewed places!

Finally, Queen of Sheba Yemeni Recipes. This blog writer is not from Yemen, but spent some time there and learned recipes from her husband’s family. If written recipes aren’t enough for you and you need video guidance, then this is the blog for you. She has a YouTube channel!

DIG IN, everyone! (Ha.) To my fellow Americans this Thanksgiving let’s be thankful that we have FOOD, the resources to learn and make this cuisine from the other side of the world, and people to share it with.