“What the Kingdom has reacted to in Yemen is Iran’s cynical efforts to take advantage of Yemen’s internal conflict to build a military alliance with the Houthi rebels – an alliance with only one conceivable target: Saudi Arabia.

The fact that Saudi Arabia intervened thus highlights the severity of the threat it faced once the Houthis had overthrown Yemen’s legitimate government and seized control of Sana’a. Had Iran been allowed to solidify its alliance with the Houthis unobstructed, Northern Yemen would have become another South Lebanon, with an Iranian proxy actively working to subvert Saudi national security.”

Pro-Saudi insight into the war from Project Syndicate. There are a few comments on this as of my sharing that might be worth reading. It’s interesting to read if you’re thinking of it in terms of Saudi Arabia’s position with Iran, but how does this justify the tragedies the war has cost Yemen? And just because you might have to help rebuild the country later doesn’t mean destroying it isn’t in your best interests. Destroying it MIGHT be in your best interests because you have a clean slate. Country reset.