“We presented the case of the young Yemeni dental student. What are his options? we asked. The UNHCR representative, a hardworking man sent to do an impossible task, had no constructive answers. Together, we parsed out the future of this human who had fled a war. He couldn’t go back to Yemen, because he would be targeted as an enemy of the Houthis; if he went back to Sanaa, he expected to be killed. He couldn’t live and work in Djibouti, because he was not legally allowed to exist outside the refugee camp. But the camp was nearly empty. It was a wretched place located in a wretched climate. And it would not be there forever.”

What do you do when you flee a war in Yemen only to end up in a refugee camp in Djibouti? Do you seek asylum in one of the poorest countries, stay in the refugee camp, find a way to another country, or return to Yemen? Full story from Global Thinkers at Foreign Policy. This is a really interesting, sad tale. When you hear about migrants fleeing a war? Remember the man going back.