I know this is a blog about Yemen, but on my Twitter page I’ve been featuring news from a different country each day. Either a post I saw somewhere triggers me to Google a country or I randomly pick one. I started this December 1st and have learned so many new things! Both good and bad. If you want to know more of what’s happening in the world, pick a country and GOOGLE IT.

Instead of starting another blog since two would be too much to keep up with, I’ll post some of the highlights from the past week here.

From Mongolia, did you know that  cashmere sweaters could be destroying the country’s grasslands? Check out this interesting story from NPR. Mongolia produces a third of the global supply of cashmere and the goats needed to make it have degraded 65% of the grasslands. Goats… a problem on Yemen’s Socotra

In Sweden, The Financial Express has this gem: The country has to IMPORT garbage because it’s needed to run their plants. That’s where they reportedly get 50% of their electricity! So Yemen has trash piling up, but Sweden needs it? (Ha, I managed to link this post to my blog topic again!)

Belize was one of those countries that randomly popped into my head to Google and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The barrier reef there is the 2nd longest after the Great Barrier Reef, only good things are happening here. Thanks to conservation efforts, some endangered sea turtles are thriving! Read about it at phys.org. This is a good story, especially if you’re interested in the ocean, saving animals, and reefs. I also found out that Belize is home to an underwater sinkhole. Seriously. Look that up. THE GREAT BLUE HOLE.

I Googled Poland yesterday AND today because of a news story I saw on Twitter from AFP. It seems Poland is having a bit of political unrest and protests. I can’t stop reading about it and while it’s getting some news reports, I feel like it’s something more people should be talking about? Here’s one story about the situation from The Guardian.

Sooooo goats destroying stuff, a great blue hole, trash imports, saving endangered sea turtles, and political unrest? Signing out of this week. God speed, planet!