I’m continuing with my world findings of the past week because I think I found some interesting stories! First, this post’s featured image is from a canopy walkway in South Africa. You don’t simply take a stroll through the forest here. You walk ABOVE the trees. Photo and more info from the Bored Panda.

Last week I shared a news story about how Sweden has to import trash to run their recycling plants. Well in Vietnam, they have another idea. How about turning that trash into art? This is such a fun, clever idea!

Bermuda can be clever too. Ever see pictures of their white roof buildings? Well there’s a reason for that. They’re designed like that to collect rain water. And lucky for me, BBC happened to write a story all about it on THE DAY I happened to Google Bermuda as my chosen Google place for the day.

Meanwhile in Peru, they’re trying to make water out of fog. Yes FOG. It’s called a Fog Catcher. Just go ahead and add Peru to this week’s list of clever ideas. Also read about this Amazon tribe that has lived without the outside world. Peru has had a no-contact policy with tribes like these since 2006, unless the tribes actively try to seek people out. It’s to protect them from others taking advantage of them, illnesses, and missionaries.

To close this out… Since I’m a day late for Christmas wishes, I’ll say HAPPY BOXING DAY even though I’m not entirely sure what it is and do not celebrate it. This past week was very busy so my Yemen updates were near zilch. I hope to get back on track!