Guess who rang in the new year sick? THIS GIRL! It brings all new meaning to wanting to kick start a healthy new year. I’m finally feeling back on track.

First of all, a bit of a plea. Are you a fan of blueberries? Prices are down for suppliers in Chile. If you see any blueberries at your local store that were produced in Chile, please get them! Eat them plain or make some muffins!

Moving right along, I made an interesting discovery, this one brought to you by a Twitter search. Did you know that New Zealand has the world’s steepest residential street? The more you know. BBC has a video for your viewing pleasure. They also made Israel mad. But who HASN’T done that?

Now lets go all the way to Algeria and enjoy this beautiful video of the capital city, Algiers. Then hop over to the New York Times for their piece on Extinguishing Free Expression in Algeria. They’ve also been having protests over the 2017 budget, which has plans to increase taxes and raise prices on major consumption products. 100 of the protesters were arrested.

Not breaking news or anything like that, but I love little country tidbits like this, and soup is good for the soul after reading about setting cities on fire. In Finland, pea soup for lunch  with oven-baked pancakes for dessert on Thursdays is a thing. How cool is that? I can’t stand peas, but I would be up for partaking in this Thursday meal if I ever go to Finland. Read all about it at This Is Finland. They’re also giving out money to the unemployed. Huh.

Well, world. The more you know indeed.