This story is from April 2015, but it’s an interesting tale of how people got some of Yemen’s finest green coffee out of Yemen and to the Specialty Coffee Association’s Coffee Expo in Seattle. AND since Yemen has a long history with coffee, it is important to learning more about the country. So read on!

“You have to understand that since we started this company, I’ve seen tracer fire a few meters in front of me multiple times; we’ve had containers hijacked by bandits on the roads; there was a war in Sana’a when we started this mill,” says Nicholson. “But the important story isn’t how we got here. It’s that these coffees are getting the attention they deserve. That’s why I said on the boat, ‘If the Somali pirates get me, just make sure the coffee makes it to SCAA.’ ”

Read the rest at Daily Coffee News.

I’ll be doing more research later on Yemeni coffee along with other cultural/historical bits. If you want to learn more about Yemen beyond the war, please check the country profile category link and watch for updates.