A story about love, coffee, and Yemen from Blue Bottle Coffee.

“Rarely discussed is the other Yemen: A stunningly beautiful country. A historic center of Islamic learning. The crucial link in early trade. And, the country responsible for bringing coffee to the world.”

First, some history of coffee points.

  • The port of Mokha, in Yemen on the Red Sea, was the exit point of their coffee beans.
  • Selling coffee seedlings was forbidden in order for Yemeni merchants to maintain the monopoly on coffee.
  • A word many know, “mocha,” comes from the name of the port.
  • Many Yemeni coffees have a chocolate taste.

This article then goes into the story of getting Yemeni coffee to the 2015 Specialty Coffee Association on America’s Coffee Expo. Blue Bottle Coffee is a coffee company that made a limited edition blend of Yemeni coffee. This article is their story. “This is what angels singing tastes like.”