A LOT happening in America this week! It’s overwhelming, so only two countries this week.


  • I chose to read about this country because it’s one of the countries on the United States’ BAN list, which is keeping out Somalian born Olympian Mo Farah. He is a British citizen currently training in Ethiopia, but cannot return to his family in the US because of his country of birth. This story is making the rounds, but here’s a link to USA Today.
  • Attacks on hotels and government offices have made Somalia a very dangerous place recently. Recently, on the 26th, a hotel was attacked in the capital Mogadishu. 58 people were killed and 51 others injured. These attacks used to be carried out on political figures, but lately they have been happening in public gathering places. “Increasingly, we are coming to see our last bastions of safety as targets for violence.” More at Quartz.
  • 40% of Somalia’s population is food insecure. The World Food Programme provides food assistance. They use an e-card system that saves the fingerprints and photos of beneficiaries to store their information. Funds are also being used to teach people new skills. In one beneficiary’s case, reading and mobile phone repair. Read more at WFP Stories.


  • And now for something completely different… FAT TUESDAY IS COMING! And that means paczki. What are they? Eater.com can help. If you live in a Polish community in the US, these are already arriving to a bakery near you!
  • This story is insaaaaaanely long, but an interesting must read. From Pulitzer Center“Poland: A Land Without Strangers”
  • This is potentially troubling. From Financial Times, Poland is planning some educational reforms that include cutting back on science classes. Teachers fear the plan to rewrite the history curriculum. “It’s about raising a human being who is obedient, xenophobic, traditionalist, extremely Catholic, without any European values.”