• Ukraine has its very own Wild, Wild West! Only unlike the American Gold Rush, it’s an AMBER RUSH. And this amber rush is destroying the environment. It’s described as “a pitted, lunar landscape that looked like the trenches and craters of World War I.” This kind of mining is illegal, though there are some official government run mines and shops. National Geographic
  • On the front lines of a tiny town in eastern Ukraine. At least 13 killed and 26 wounded, some civilians. Photos and more at Buzzfeed.


  • Romania has had its biggest protests since the fall of communism. Over 300,000 people showed up. The government refuses to back down on its stance about releasing corrupt officials from prison, but one minister did quit. Bloomberg
  • Before WWII the Jewish community in Romania was around 800,000. Now it is less than 11,000. This theater is trying to keep the culture alive and is one of the few remaining Yiddish-language theaters in Europe. New York Times
  • Who knew Romania has so many IT engineers? There are more per capita in Romania than in the US and they will be traveling to Berlin to launch an AI event. Forbes


  • Like trains? I love trains! Germany seems to be a great place to go for exciting travel by rail. I would love to go to every single one of these train spots. CNN
  • No, the low Euro is not a German plot. AFR tells you why.
((Featured photo is Germany’s Schwebebahn, from