I should probably change the name of this entry to EUROPEAN News. Sorry! Will be more global next time!


  • Zalipie: Everything this small town is covered in wildflower paintings. I fee ike I can smell a garden just by looking at the pictures.n   Country Living
  • It’s not all wildflowers all over Poland. They have a big problem with smog due to burning coal. The Manila Standard


  • A monument to Aleppo, by Syrian-born artist. The sideways buses on display in Dresden are supposed to represent the bombed out ones in Aleppo that were used as protection from sharpshooters and also a symbol of resistance. The buses used in the Dresden monument were simply buses that were no longer in operation, to represent the peace that can still be found in Germany. Deutsche Welle


  • “How will the latest sequel to the Greek crisis end?” 3 scenarios from Politico.
  • As if Greece doesn’t have enough issues, they also found an unexploded WWII bomb….. Under a GAS STATION…. 72,000 people are scheduled to be evacuated while that thing is taken care of. NPR
((Featured photo of Zalipie from http://unusualplaces.org.))