This Yemeni family recently got caught up in the travel ban. Instead of being reunited with family when arriving in the US, they were sent back. They slept on the floor at an airport in Ethiopia for four days before going to Djibouti to stay with friends and raise money for their extra flights.

But the family finally arrived AGAIN in the US on Tuesday and made it to Richmond and are “staying for free in an Airbnb house in El Sobrante, an arrangement set up by the pro bono lawyers who worked around the clock for days to get the family into the U.S.”

Before returning, they had to reach a settlement for the federal government to allow them back in since their visas had been canceled.

“When Almurisi and his family arrived at their Airbnb in El Sobrante, offered as part of Airbnb’s promise to provide temporary housing to 100,000 refugees and others in need, they were greeted by a table full of food, clothing and children’s coloring books, left by the homeowner, 32-year-old Sharmeela Sanwal. She’s staying with her mother while the Almurisi family uses her home, and is getting paid by Airbnb.”

Full story from Mercury News.