I have recently discovered the Getty Images website, but hopefully I won’t go overboard with blogging all the images… all of them… because I am quite obsessed.

Now for the news!


  • The Lantern Festival: Marks the first full moon of the Chinese New Year, bringing the 15 days of festivities to a close. 14 photos from around China at The Express Tribune.
  • If you thought the drones were amazing during the Super Bowl halftime show, China outdid them and set a world record. 1000! Quartz


  • Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel visited Breitscheidplatz, the site of the attack on a Christmas market.

  • Before his Germany visit, Justin Trudeau made a speech to the European Parliament. It was the first ever by a Canadian Prime Minister. European Parliament Press Release
  • A group of young Syrian newcomers to Canada passed out roses at the Chinook Centre. They want to thank people for being welcoming. “Giving roses in Syrian culture is really the most important sign of appreciation and showing gratitude for something you’ve done. It’s like a sign of peace, so when you’ve give somebody a rose it’s a big thank you.” Calgary Metro News


  • It’s that time of year – time for the Carnival of Venice! This year’s show is celebrating beauty, the sea, and vanity. The Local Italy
  • When your opposition to foreigners in your country is so strong that it includes trees. TREES! “The trees made a mockery of Italian culture.” Deutsche Welle


  • The country has a new president! Technically a re-elected president who got 98% of the vote and might be president forever. The Economist

United Arab Emirates

  • “The streets of Dubai may be known for architectural superlatives like Burj Khalifa, the highest of the world’s high-rises, and the Middle East’s largest shopping centre Dubai Mall. But a group of street artists now also wants to turn the concrete walls of a fast-growing urban sprawl into an open-air museum that celebrates Emirati heritage and speaks to everyone in the multicultural city.”
Embed from Getty Images
  • Fan of The Jetsons? Dubai will begin testing passenger-carrying drones in July. The Economist


  • A Mexico senator is introducing a bill to import the country’s corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the US. The senator commented, “It’s a good way to tell them that this hostile relationship has consequences, hope that it changes.” Mexico is one of the biggest buyers of American corn. KTLA 5 News
  • Thousands of people in Mexico formed a human wall along the US border to protest the building of an actual wall. Deutsche Welle
((Feature photo Carnival of Venice from The Local Italy.))