I was looking for newspapers from Yemen when I found Al-Thawrah, a daily newspaper based in Sana’a. According to ever trustworthy Wikipedia, the newspaper is government-run, but that citation is years old. I really have no idea who is currently in charge of this paper, but I doubt they moved cities. Let’s continue.

Here is what I discovered…

How often in an American newspaper do you see a body, an arm sticking out, buried in rubble right on the very front page? A lot of people would probably be horrified.

Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 6.13.34 PM.png

Now, I don’t read one lick of Arabic. I wish I did, but it was not available at my college. Anyway! I really wanted to know what this said so, naturally, after checking the English-language website for a hint of this story, I went to the original.

FOUND IT!!! Do not click that link if you do not wish to see graphic content. I will now proceed to describe the article for non-clicking-of-links people.

Again, an American newspaper would never put the image contained in that link right at the top of their official website (where the story was) or in their newspaper. A child… injured… covered in blood… huge gash on the head…. We have to be warned when there are images in the news like this.

So back to the part where I can’t read Arabic, I unfortunately have to depend on Google Translate to do what my brain cannot do. Hopefully it did a decent job at helping me figure out this story.

Main points:

  • Right out of the gate: 700 DAY SAUDI-AMERICAN AGGRESSION.
  • Martyrdom of 12,041 civilians: the blame all on the Saudi-American aggression.
  • Same aggression caused 20,000 injuries.
  • The 700 days of Saudi-American aggression has damaged the infrastructure, directly targeting airports and seaports.
  • Communications, water tanks, power generators…. damaged and out of service, thanks to Saudi-American aggression.
  • 4 million displaced people.
  • Mosques, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, houses… have been targeted and damaged.
I think it’s simple enough to figure out the graphic on the right with it’s numbers and universally understood symbols.

Well those are pretty much all the points, from what Google Translate has helped me gather. But, I doubt even Google Translate can mess up translating the words “Saudi” and “American”. Conclusion, other than an American newspaper not publishing these images? Maybe not everyone in Yemen, or in Sana’a, or all of Yemen’s media… but from this particular article, they are blaming America.