I’m a day late in posting my world news update, but better late than never! I thought I had one more story from Germany, but I guess not.


  • Kremlin officials are preparing a dossier for Putin on the mental state of Donald Trump in preparation for a future visit. This is not normal. NBC News
  • A story that’ll make you think, “Well OK THEN.” “The Russian military will build a miniature copy of Germany’s Reichstag for children to practice assaulting.” Deutsche Welle


  • Wacky yet also sad news… Zoos in Germany are becoming targets of theft. People are stealing animals?! The latest was a penguin. Deutsche Welle


  • The Beating Ghost Festival is a Tibetan new year festival held every year at Beijing’s Lama Temple to expel evil spirits. Tibet Travel
  • China and the US are about to become military base neighbors in Djibouti. What does that mean? New York Times
((Featured photo of the Beating Ghost Festival from tibettravel.org.))