Here’s something a little different from usual.

The weather! Let’s talk about the weather. It’s one thing everyone should be able to agree on. The sun is either shining or it’s not, right?

The report on this is in Arabic, woe is me, but looking up weather vocab in an online dictionary isn’t too difficult. Or maybe it is. There is absolutely no reason at all why the word breadsticks should appear in a weather forecast. Unless it’s raining breadsticks in Yemen? I really don’t think so.

This is from Al-Thawra News.

  • High waves and a chance of rain along the west coast and Mandeb Strait. Winds 10-25 knots.
  • Dusty atmosphere in the mountains and desert highlands.
  • Partly cloudy in Socotra with northeast winds at 10-20 knots.
  • Forecast for light rain in the early morning on the southern coast.
  • Drivers are warned about fog on long roads.
  • Fog from nighttime until morning in Taiz and Ibb governorates.

I do not see any signs of the temperatures here?!

Some weather vocabulary I got from this article….
(Please forgive me, Arabic speakers, if any of this is wrong. I am an extreme newbie! I know that in many languages, there are various ways to say a word (such as cloudy) depending on how it’s used in the sentence. That’s why I’m listing the vocab as the words appear in the article. My goal is to start recognizing words in the news.)
الضباب / alddabab / fog
الأجواء /al’ajwa / atmosphere, air
المغبرة / almaghbira / dusty
ساعة / saea / hour
والصباح / walssabah / morning
الليل / alllayl / night
غائم / ghayim / cloudy
الرياح / alrriah / wind