War not only has high human casualties, but history casualties too. One of the casualties of the Saudi-led coalition bombing of Yemen is the Dhamar Regional Museum.


This museum had been housing over 12,500 thousands of years old artifacts and over 15o ancient Arabian inscriptions. It was destroyed in May 2015 after a Saudi airstrike.


Completely destroyed.

Why would you bomb a MUSEUM?! Were the Saudis offended by vases? WHAT? 

According to National Geographic, a collaboration project between the University of Pisa and Yemeni institutions digitized and inventoried more than 700 inscriptions from nine of Yemen’s museums. Luckily, before Dhamar Regional Museum was destroyed. The project director commented, “Frankly, when we started the project, I did not imagine that ‘to save’ was to be taken literally.”

All of the artifacts in the museum had been carefully collected. For over 10 years, archaeologists surveyed and excavated, explored walled towns and their monuments. They collected tools and pottery with ancient Arabian inscriptions.

This museum has just been obliterated from the air. In a matter of minutes, the irreplaceable work of ancient artisans, craftsmen and scribes — not to mention the efforts of Yemeni and foreign researchers who have dedicated years of their lives to studying and preserving this legacy — were pulverized. The museum and its 12,500 artifacts were turned to rubble by Saudi bombs. New York Times