If you use Twitter, either for Tweeting or reading, starting at noon Eastern yesterday there was a Tweet Storm in support of ending the siege on Yemen. There is a blockade on ports and airports that is slowing down humanitarian aid getting in and people who need help from getting out.

Check it out, if you haven’t yet! Try these hashtags: #End_Yemen_Siege, #YemenCrisis, and #Yemen. Be prepared to see graphic images since some accounts are not flagged for this kind of content.


I used the Tweet Storm to share photos of Yemen that show off its culture, beauty, and people. Sometimes seeing something good makes you want to save it from the bad.


Dragon’s Blood trees of Socotra, where much of the flora and fauna is unique to the island.


Shibam, had skyscrapers before America was a country. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t destroy this! http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/192


Thank you for sharing coffee with the rest of the world!


Another UNESCO World Heritage Site…. The Old City of Sana’a. (Some of this has already been damaged in Saudi airstrikes.) http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/385


Children in Yemen should be able to peacefully go to school.


The Great Dam of Marib WAS twice as long as the Hoover Dam, but damaged in airstrike. How about only NON DESTRUCTIVE PLANES allowed? http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/06/150603-Yemen-ancient-Sheba-dam-heritage-destruction-Middle-East-archaeology/


Dar Al Hajar (Rock Palace)
Bombs, please stay away from humans and historical buildings like this one.

There are maaaaaaany more beautiful photos to share from around Yemen. Maybe next Tweet Storm!