People gathered in Sana’a for a rally in unity and support of their country against the Saudi-led coalition.

One speaker talks about their perseverance and steadfastness during the two years of aggression led by Saudi Arabia and America, the humanitarian crisis ignored by the world, and how the US wants to use Yemen to control the Mandeb Strait, Socotra islands, and port city of Mokha.

Another speaker called on those at the rally to have compassion and help their fellow countrymen: the wounded, families, and people who need attention.  He also praised their victories, success at developing drones, and the military for its ability to attack the enemy despite blockades. He concluded his speech by calling for men to join the fight.

The speakers also talked about a third phase of their battle tactics. I’m a little confused about what that is, so I’ll leave it at that. It might be referring to entering the third year of the war and their plans for how to handle it?

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The rally participants expressed their pride in recent achievements, such as developing drones, and also preparedness for going to the war’s front lines. They also called on the international community to fulfill their humanitarian duty by giving aid to those in need and ending the Saudi-led aggression.

One of the drones flew over the city during the rally.

Coverage from Al-Shawra newspaper.
Online version of the article: (Arabic)

تجمع / tajmae / rally
أمريكا / amrika / America
الأمم المتحدة / al’umam almuttahida / United Nations