From Westword:

Attention all who live in Aurora, Colorado, or will be visiting! A former Iraqi restaurant, Afia Grill, is now a restaurant for Yemeni food. Right now it’s the city’s only Yemeni restaurant. Currently, you can order chicken or lamb over rice and possibly a few specials.

A few questions at the counter yielded dessert, too: a kind of bread pudding called masoob, made with shredded flatbread, bananas and cream. A sprinkling of what look like sesame seeds turns out to be nigella (sometimes called black cumin), which gives the sweet dessert a unique, almost peppery note. 

Address: 2353 S. Havana St. Aurora, Colorado 80014

** I have this tagged under category US Muslim Ban since the writer is trying to visit a restaurant from each of the 7 countries in the travel ban. **