As an American I almost feel reluctant to share a news story from Russia, but this is from RT. I’m trying to include different opinions on the conflict and this article does bring up issues a lot of people, Americans too, are asking. Plus it’s interesting to see how other countries interpret our “successful” Yemen raid and seems to be mostly a Yemeni viewpoint anyway.

RT: Why is the Western media praising the US airstrikes, but failing to cover the alleged civilian casualties? The Western media was very vocal in its condemnation of civilian casualties allegedly incurred by Russia in Syria. What’s the difference?

This is what I want to know. This is what a lot of people want to know (and that’s true of people on all sides of the political spectrum). I don’t watch too many news programs on tv. Maybe once-in-a-while Rachel Maddow or AM Joy on MSNBC. I’ve seen journalists and other Americans questioning this raid, but RT is right. Our government is praising this because we received some useful intel on Al-Qaeda names and also condemning the death of our Navy SEAL. Where is the outrage over all the women and children who were murdered?

“Why would someone hit schools?”

Or a funeral?

Or a hospital?

Or a museum? A museum. How on earth is a museum a threat to anyone?

This article, like other news sources from other countries, has brought up US and Saudi interests in controlling the Mandeb Strait as a reason to fight a war in Yemen. But the Saudi-led coalition is killing civilians. Where is the international community? Where is the UN Security Council? The people of Yemen feel there are crimes being committed in their country. And maybe the US is fighting the wrong war. Maybe they shouldn’t be fighting the Yemeni people but instead the country partly behind the 9/11 attacks – Saudi Arabia.