From US News & World Report:

The Saudi-led coalition, aided by the UK and US, has bombed hospitals and infrastructure, killed innocent people, all this leading to a humanitarian crisis that does not have to go the same way as Syria.

America, so far, has largely and uncritically aided and abetted Saudi Arabia as it bombards this humanitarian crisis-stricken country, killing innocents and destroying hospitals, schools and civilian infrastructure. The Saudi coalition airstrikes, drone strikes and cluster munitions pummeling this poor country are being financed or manufactured by the United States or the United Kingdom.

We are responsible for this bloodshed in Yemen. The repeated assault on civilians looks a lot like war crimes, and it is as reprehensible as it is illegal. It must stop. That means putting an immediate end to the $115 billion worth of weapons offered to Saudi Arabia by the Obama administration, which is more than any previous U.S. administration has ever boosted the U.S.-Saudi relationship.

We must act now, if not for humanitarian reasons, which should be obvious, then at least for security reasons.

The money spent arming Saudi Arabia and on military efforts in Yemen could be better spent. The UN recently just put in an appeal for $2 billion in humanitarian aid. Even Saudi Arabia is contributing having already pledged $10 billion. Yemen is quickly running out of food and water.