From National Yemen:

Shereen Makaw was abducted with a French aid worker Isabelle Prime in Sana’a on February 24, 2015. She hadn’t shared her story in Yemen until now for fear of being shamed in her country and internationally, she received far less attention than the abducted French woman. Makaw was Prime’s interpreter.

For now she has written a letter and is working on a book about her experience.

While I was cuffed, she was whispering in my ear that she will miss me and the paradise is better than life. They isolated me from my friend Isabelle Prime, and they kept me in the yard of execution as one chapter of the human torturing chapters. At that time, I couldn’t differentiate between the death of abduction to the soul and the slow embarrassing of death to human body.

Shereen Makaw was released in March of that year, but Isabelle Prime was held until August. BBC

“The kidnappers wanted just the French girl and told my daughter to leave. The French [girl] held on to my daughter and my daughter refused to go as she didn’t want to leave the French girl all by herself. And so then they all drove off.”

France 24