From Relief Web:

The life of a dairy farmer: Work starts at 6pm and finishes at dawn. This is the night shift! The butter, the yogurt, and other dairy products produced from milk are the livelihoods of some Yemeni families where they then sell their products in local markets.

Though, 95% of Yemen’s processed dairy is imported and only 1/3rd of milk production meets the domestic demand.

The United Nations is working on programs to help rural dairy farmers, which is one of the areas in Yemen where women commonly work.

In February 2017, 600 beneficiaries (including 94 women) in Al Marawi’ah in Al Hudaydah governorate received new equipment, including stainless steel milks cans, food grade plastic filters and butter churns. The goal is to enable the women to produce better quality food and to higher standards, which will allow them to earn more income at the market.

They’ll also be trained in hygiene and how to make a wider variety of products from milk.