From Reuters:

Ousted president Hadi holds little power in central Yemen, where the US has been conducting airstrikes against Al Qaeda.

But Al Qaeda in the region are asking for help removing the Houthi rebels in the area and has accused the US of backing them and Iran. The US airstrikes are harming their efforts in fighting the Houthi.

“The Christian Americans have focused their military and spy planes on hitting the Sunni tribes in this front … the Americans have carried out dozens of night raids in past days against those steadfast at this front in a clear coordination between the Americans and the Houthis,” the statement said.

Note: This is perhaps an interesting little pickle. The US has been supporting the Saudi-led coalition which is also fighting the Houthi rebels and trying to reinstate President Hadi’s government. It seems Al Qaeda are also fighting the Houthi. Soooo who is the enemy here?!