Are our interventions doing more harm than good?

Senator Rand Paul questions  Dr. Dafna Rand (Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, National Defense University, Washington DC).

“You think the Yemenis don’t know where the bombs are coming from? Will we be safer or better off if we continue the way we’re continuing?”

Senator Rand Paul also mentions that the Al Qaeda target in the Navy SEAL raid was leading a fight against the Houthi, our common enemy. The senator goes on to question if our actions in Yemen could actually cause Al Qaeda to grow stronger.

Dr. Rand: “We’ve already tried for two years the strategy offenses to retake areas, to allow for the political dynamics to change. And there’s signifcant costs to our relationships, to the civilians of Yemen, to our reputation. We’ve tried that approach for two years and I just don’t believe that the risks are worth it anymore.”