Daily Prompt: Pattern

Thoughts on the unending Yemen war pattern inspired by recent news from New York Times:

A Saudi-led coalition airstrike killed at least 16 people in a market late Friday, according to UN and local officials. A fire spread causing the dead and wounded to scatter.

The open market in western Yemen is a popular one that sells qat.

VoA News

Press TV, English news from Iran, article from yesterday that reported 28 dead.
Al-Thawra (graphic content), Arabic news from Houthi-held Yemen capital Sana’a, article from yesterday reported 22 dead and calling the attack a massacre.
What is qat? – Don’t know about this qat the market was selling? My response to the WordPress ruminate daily prompt.

From the pictures posted in Yemen’s newspaper Al-Thawra, bodies were badly burned and unidentifiable in some cases. This might be why there are differing reports on the casualty totals.

Some Twitter reactions:

Pattern: Why yes, I do see a pattern. Funerals attacked twice?  Throughout this 2 years of conflict, the number of civilian deaths is now over 12,000. And yet the pattern continues: US and UK sell arms to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia bombs civilian targets (like a hospital or a funeral or a market), civilians are killed, they investigate themselves, REPEAT.