Can you imagine going to the local dump to dig for things that you might be able to use? Because that’s the humanitarian situation in Yemen. According to the Global Times, looking for recyclables to later sell is one reason people search the garbage dump.

Others are looking for food because they’re hungry.

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This brings up a memory of a post I saw on Facebook. In one of the group’s I’m in, someone mentioned visiting the garbage dump to drop something off there. While she was there, she mentioned seeing piles of American Girl doll boxes – both boxes of dolls and accessories. Not knowing why these seemingly new items were thrown away, it made her quite sad to see toys tossed carelessly in a dump.

Seeing starving, desperate people in another country searching through a dump because it’s all they have left to do, makes the American example even more sad. Even if those toys had something wrong with them, something missing from the box, tossed for tax write-off reasons…. those items would still very much be cherished in a place facing a humanitarian crisis. A toy could be sold? Loved by a child? Clothing items remade into blankets? How many unwanted, but good items do Americans throw away each day? How much food do we waste? Looking at the photos of people digging through piles of garbage, good toys would be like gold.