Fox News: Prince Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud speaks out on ‘Special Report’

“Saudi Arabia has been a stable and reliable partner for the United States.”

  • On human rights…

“I think we’ve always had an open dialogue with the United States about the issue of human rights. I think we’ve always acknowledged that, at least to western eyes, there are some deficiencies in the Saudi system. We disagree on some of the assessments that the US has on that, but I think we will continue to have that dialogue openly and frankly and work together to make sure that human rights are universally, globally respected.

I wonder what our disagreements are on the assessments of human rights. Is it targeting civilians in airstrikes? I will look more into this. The Fox News guy should’ve asked about it, but instead he moved on to another question.

  • On extremism…

“I think the government in Saudi Arabia is very focused on empowering its people to be successful, to be able to have a good life, a good lifestyle. And I think as long as we have improvement in the level of education opportunities for the young folks, for women as well, I think that will really marginalize the voices of extremism. And I think if we can set a really good role model for the region, hopefully others in the region can follow us.”

I know not how Saudi Arabia treats its own people, so moving right along. But I will say this… When you get involved in another country and bomb their homes, schools, hospitals, museum, and pretty much everything indiscriminately? Well, they’re not really going to be your biggest fans and maybe… just maybe… they’ll turn against you.

  • On the travel ban…

“The Trump administration has described it as a ban not against Muslims. I think the Saudi government takes them at their word. I think my understanding is Prince Mohammed did discuss the matter with the president today and President Trump re-emphasized the fact that it was not directed at Muslims as a religion, but at countries in which the vetting procedure is just not there to allow for safely understanding who is coming to the US. And Saudi Arabia has very stringent standards as to who it allows into its country so I think we understand completely where the president is coming from in that regard. And as long as he assures us, and assures the world, it’s not something directed at any one religion, I think it’s fair enough for the US to make sure that it’s security is protected.”

Well, sir, I don’t think you would be thinking so highly of this ban if Saudi Arabia were on it. We have you to partly thank for 9/11, after all. If countries need protecting from someone, it’s YOU. The president has not reassured everyone that it’s not a ban on a religious group. Not our courts, not many Americans, and not to the countries affected.

Also, someone please tell him that people from these countries go through the same intense 2 years of vetting (at least) that people from other countries go through, under the direction of the UN and various national security agencies. Also our own homeland security said that the 6 countries are not a threat worthy of this ban. Maybe pass it on to Fox News guy too. (Sorry, don’t watch the channel enough to remember his name.)

And now the interview… I’m going to sleep now. ‘Night, ya’ll!