Photo Challenge: Atop

Background music – Miracles (Coldplay)

Amanohashidate – It’s called the Bridge to Heaven. Why? Because this pine tree covered sandbar crossing Japan’s Miyazu Bay is said to look like a path from Earth to Heaven.

You have to be atop a mountain for the best view of Heaven. A chairlift will get you there. The no lapbar chairlift. There’s also a cable car, but what fun is being inside a car on a beautiful September day?


Once atop the mountain, it is recommended that you bend over and look across the bay upside down. The park up there has special fancy arches specifically for this purpose.


When you look at the sandbar upside down, you should see it as a path going from Earth to Heaven.


What do you think? Can you see the path to Heaven?

Honestly? Being tipped upside down leaves you feeling a bit dizzy. Maybe it’s that dizzy seeing stars effect that convinces you that Heaven is just on the other side of that sandbar.

And in closing, a mountaintop mystery: People were throwing ceramic disks through this thing?!