I was browsing for books to read about Yemen in the Google Play store since I haven’t gotten to the library yet. There are a TON to choose from and a few free titles. YAY FREE!

So I downloaded this one because honestly, I judged a book by its cover.


A Journey Through the Yemen and Some General Remarks Upon that Country.

IT WAS WRITTEN IN 1894!!! No, that is not a typo. I mean 1894. I think this is going to offer a really interesting perspective. History as it happened!

Plus so far, it has some wonderful illustrations. The one pictured on the book cover is a coffee farm.


I wonder if the writer drew these? This is basically the original travel writing. The writer mentions having notes about his journey and pictures that he was worried would get taken by the Turks when he was captured. By sea as he approached the country, he passed by the port city of Mokha and from the boat could see it’s not the once great coffee trading port it once was. And Aden might’ve once been an island?! With all Yemen has to offer, Alexander the Great had his sights set on conquering it next, but he died. Imagine how that could’ve changed the future? Boy, what an adventure! I’m only on the preface too.