Daily Prompt: Minimal

As of February 27, more the 44,000 people have fled their homes in Yemen’s western Taiz region. People have left their homes with minimal supplies, trying to escape to safety away from the frontlines of the war that have shifted closer to their cities.

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There are maybe only 80-300 families left in one city, Al Mukha, as most of the residents have fled. The ones who stayed cannot afford the cost of leaving.

The hospital is functioning at minimal capacity and there are dead bodies reported in the streets.

March 16 – Saudi Arabia’s Blockade Of Yemen’s Largest Port Expected To Worsen Humanitarian Crisis

“The combination of minimal media attention, as well as tacit U.S. support for the Saudi war effort, has Yemen on the verge of collapse.”

Tens of thousands of children are dying, 270 health facilities have been damaged or destroyed, and more than half are either closed or barely functioning at best.

A Saudi-led coalition blockade on ports is exacerbated an already bad situation, directly leading to a preventable famine and over 2/3rds of the population in need of humanitarian assistance.

Despite a warning from the UN to end its existing blockades of Yemeni ports, a Saudi-led coalition is planning another major assault on the nation’s largest port city of Al Hudaydah, a move that threatens to worsen Yemen’s already unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

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But Yemen’s ambassador to the US is trying to give more attention to this issue by blaming the wrong party for the port’s problems.

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With this blog, I hope to bring more than minimal attention to the situation in Yemen to people who have no idea what’s happening. Bad things are happening right under our noses and it’s hard to know about them when they’re given such minimal attention. Yemen deserves better.

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Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog and taken a few moments to learn more about this country and what’s happening. While there’s nothing we can really do to stop it, sometimes people simply need others to care.

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