This is from Press TV News, an English-language news source from Iran.

March 26th marks the second anniversary of the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, Arab world’s poorest nation. More than 12,000 people, many of them civilians, have been killed over the past two years. Despite spending billions of dollars on the full-scale war, Saudi Arabia has failed to achieve its pre-determined goals.

Saudi Arabia entered this conflict 2 years ago when President Hadi was forced to resign. Their goals were: restore the president to power, undermine resistance groups, and secure the borders. They have yet to achieve any of these goals.

But here is what has happened so far since March 26, 2015:

3 million people are internally displaced, 17 million people face food insecurity, and over 12,000 people have been killed.

Saudi Arabia is not alone in this conflict. Both the US and UK have supported them with billions of dollars worth of weapons. Saudi Arabia has also used internationally banned cluster bombs.

“Prior to the Saudi-led aggression, Houthi fighters had to flush Al Qaeda terrorists out of their main strongholds. But the terrorists once again tightened their grip on the southern parts of Yemen in the wake of the Saudi-led airstrikes which rarely target the terrorists.”

Houthis maintain control in the most populous areas and regularly infiltrate Saudi border controls, have retaliated against the airstrikes, and people have protested in support of the Houthi.