From Anadolu Agency:

A car bomb attack in southern Yemen’s Lahij governorate is being blamed on Al Qaeda by local officials. The attackers tried entering a government building before security personnel blocked them.

According to the statement, “The car bomb exploded outside the building before Al-Qaeda gunmen sprayed the area with machine-gun fire.”

Six security personnel were killed along with three of the attackers. Some were able to flee the scene and local authorities are still searching for them.

Lahiji governorate is currently under the control of pro-Hadi government forces (allied with the Saudi-led coalition).

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Yemenis check a burning vehicle following a reported suicide car bombing in Huta, the capital of the southern province of Lahj, a bastion of Al-Qaeda jihadists, on March 27, 2017. Ten jihadists, including a suicide bomber, perished when they attacked a government building in southern Yemen, killing six soldiers and four civilians, officials said.