Thanks to everyone who visited, liked, and commented! When you’re writing a blog that’s trying to raise awareness and knowledge about the world, seeing stats going up and up and up is good.

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Yemeni women draw paintings on the wall of University of Sana’a to react to the ongoing war in the country in Sana’a, Yemen on March 15, 2017.

A look back at my top 10 posts, starting with most read. Goals: for my Yemen posts to have more views than the couple of Japan photo posts I write.

#1 Japan Has It Easty Being GREEN! – Japan photo post about Okayama and Kurashiki.

#2 1000 Paper Wishes – Japan photo post about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

#3 Protest against Major General Asiri visit to UK – A Saudi general visiting the UK to discuss the conflict in Yemen was placed under citizen’s arrest in London.

#4 Atop the Mountain & Seeing Heaven Japan photo post about Amanohashidate.

#5 Honey, the elixir of life. – WordPress daily prompt for elixir about beekeeping and how honey is used in Yemen. Plus recipes!

#6 A Journey Through the Yemen (Preface) – I’ve started reading a book about travel to Yemen in 1894. This is what I’ve read so far in the introduction. Interesting seeing Yemen through 1894’s eyes!

#7 Ordinary Yemen – WordPress daily prompt for ordinary about how an awful war has unfortunately become an ordinary thing, but it shouldn’t be.

#8 A Journey Through the Yemen, an Ancient Controversy – WordPress daily prompt for controversy meets the 1894 book I’m reading. The section was about ancient Yemen and the controversy is over whether or not Queen of Sheba was in Yemen.

#9 Yemeni Zalabia & Milk Tea – Recipe post! I was reading a newspaper from Yemen and it mentioned people eating this bread (zalabia) and drinking milk tea and so a blog post was born.

#10 Yemen in Vivid Color – WordPress daily prompt for vivid, aka my very first time participating in a daily prompt. This is my attempt at bringing awareness about the war and country through vivid colors.

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Amnesty International activists erect a six-feet-high gravestone in Parliament Square, London, in memory of thousands of Yemeni civilians killed by airstrikes on March 22, 2017.

And finally, here are some honorable mentions. These are the posts that would make the Top 10 (there’s a tie so there are four) if I only counted Yemen posts and not Japan photos.

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