From TRT World:

Teacher’s in the southern city of Taiz have staged a protest over unpaid wages. There is a lack of liquidity in banks due to the war so the government has struggled paying them and other government employees. Now they’re struggling to feed their families.

But even if teachers get paid, education in the country is still suffering. The best thing for everyone is for the war to end.

Taiz is currently under siege by Houthi rebels, who are blocking aid from entering the city. According to Gulf News, there has been intense fighting in the area as government forces try to take control of coastal areas. Recently, 3 children were killed and several others injured from shells that were fired by the Houthi outside Taiz city. Yemen News Agency reports that 2 civilians were killed when a Saudi-led coalition airstrike hit their car in the Maqbanah district of Taiz governorate.

“Isn’t it enough what we’re going through with the hunger and the siege?”