Daily Prompt: Pause

From AhlulBayt News Agency:

Two teams, As Ssumnd and Al Easifa, played a game of soccer in the Taiz Amateur League Final on March 30th.

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General view of the Taiz Amateur League final match between Al Ssumud and Al Easifa at Kidre football pitch in Taiz’s Qadas region, Yemen on March 30, 2017.

Football is Yemen’s biggest sport. Youngsters were seen around the pitch wearing shirts of Barcelona, no doubt wishing that they would one day be able to see their idols in action, but happy that they can at least see the sport live.

It was a rare moment for people to take a pause from the war, even if for only a few moments. But still the reality of the war was still close as the game was played. People crowded around a gravel soccer pitch wherever they could find a spot, on hillsides or walls or on cars, with armed security forces surrounding the pitch. It was a scene very different to the stadiums of the Premier League.

Al Ssumud, the red team, won the match.

Video from the match (sorry not in English) below: