What’s happening, world?


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  • Tabqa Dam… Who knew a dam could be so controversial? Located on the Euphrates River, the dam is a strategic point for US-backed forces to take the Islamic State held Raqqa. After shelling of the dam by the Islamic State, the coalition paused their efforts in capturing the dam to allow engineers to make repairs. Reuters
  • Free Syrian Police, a police force partly funded by the UK, was created 5 years ago to give people a police force they could trust. The police force is unarmed. BBC
  • Syria’s skeleton cities and the photographer who is hoping his photos of war inspire people to take action. The Guardian


  • A small Nova Scotia town is outraged over the miniseries Canada: The Story of Us because it claims the first permanent European settlement was closer to what is now Quebec City, not Port-Royal. The producers went with the Quebec settlement because it was the first continuous permanent settlement, while the Nova Scotia one was not and had been abandoned. CBC


  • 16 people were sentenced to prison for trying to create a separate state in the Oromia region of the country. They are part of a group that has been labeled a terrorist organization by the government. The Oromia region along with other areas have been experiencing many anti-government protests, resulting in 500 deaths since November 2015. International Business Times
  • Ethiopia is believed to possibly be the birthplace of coffee and its ceremony is also an important cultural ritual. You don’t just gulp it down everyday like your life depends on it. How Stuff Works
((Featured photo of an Ethiopian coffee ceremony from Pintrest.))