From Relief Web:

As of 2012, Yemen was mostly cleared of explosive devices, but the recent conflict has contaminated every single one of Yemen’s governorates with some are facing a sever threat level. The war has left behind landmines, cluster munitions, and other explosive remnants.

The United Nations is working with its partner YEMAC (Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre) to remove the threat of explosive devices.

The results are impressive: YEMAC has removed over 360,000 explosive remnants each one capable of causing death or severe injury; has over 700 operators working in the field; directly impacting the life of over 3 million people including IDPs; screened 2,500 injured victims and with UNHCR and UNICEF support reached millions of people through risk education projects.

Those removing the devices are still in need of financial support and access to areas where explosive remnants might be located.