From Press TV:

Socotra’s deputy governor has reported that Rotana Jet will now have direct flights between Abu Dhabi in the UAE and the Socotra islands in Yemen.

Flights will be starting this month on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Since the start of the conflict in Yemen, there have been no flights to Socotra and the UAE has been supervising Socotra’s relief efforts.

There has been an air blockade on Yemen by Saudi Arabia, who is in charge of allowing flights to land in Yemen. The UAE is part of their coalition, so it will be interesting to see if these flights are given landing permission.

When I had messaged UAE Trekkers last month about their planned trip to Socotra, they told me at first that they would be chartering a ferry. 10 days later they said they would be using Rotana Jet.

There are now going to be regular flights to the island
Starting soon
Rotana jet
Please write at info@uae-trekkers for more info

Good luck, guys! I hope they’ll share an update from their trip, if they make it. Stay tuned for more info on this, world travelers! More on Socotra and UAE Trekkers.