Two rallies took place outside of the United Nations headquarters in Sana’a on Wednesday. One was held by families asking for the release of their Houthi fighter family members. The other was held by people from southern and eastern provinces calling for an end to the war.

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Families of Yemeni captured while fighting on the side of the Shiite-Houthi rebels demonstrate outside the UN offices in the capital Sanaa on April 5, 2017, calling upon the UN to intervene on their behalf for release by pro-government forces.

The demonstration held by dozens of women and children holding portraits of their family members was called, “We will not forget our prisoners.” They denounced the forced disappearances of their family members and condemned international organizations for ignoring this.

SOT, Protester (Arabic): “We have come here for this demonstration to tell the United Nations, that claims humanity, who talks about human rights, you, you blind ones, you are the greatest devil. You are the mother of terrorism. You have killed the children in this country. And you have killed women, and displaced families. And them, when we moved to confront you, you imprisoned our sons. You disabled them, you shamed them, you humiliated them, and you humiliated their families. But we are patient and we will persevere.”

SOT, Protester (Arabic): “Our presence today was to support the mothers and sisters of the prisoners in their demonstrations that we announced for all organisations that claim they promote and sponsor human rights. We ask them to look at the issue of prisoners humanely, divorced from the political disputes, and to engage in a comprehensive [prisoners’] exchange process, as the blessed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi said.”

From Yemen News Agency:

Hundreds of people gathered outside the United Nations headquarters in Yemen’s capital Sana’a to demand the end of the Saudi-led aggression and siege, the release of salaries, and to end the occupation of their provinces.