From The New Arab:

Volunteers in the city of Taiz have so far raised $20,780 through local donations. The money raised is enough to pay for 100 local teachers to return to schools for two months.

“We did not pay [the] salaries of teachers, rather we paid 50,000 Yemeni rials for each teacher so they can buy food for their children,” a volunteer told The National. “We are trying to collect [more] to pay other teachers.”

The Hadi-backed Yemeni government has been struggling to pay salaries for teachers and other public employees in Houthi-held areas. But even in government controlled Taiz, salaries have been stopped. The government has yet to respond to the protests by teachers that have been taking place since February.

According to UNICEF, the Saudi-led coalition, supporting the Hadi government, has attacked 212 schools with some of the airstrikes killing students inside.

Hundreds of thousands of students have been out of school since the start of the war two years ago.