From Latin American Herald Tribune:

An unidentified gunman detonated an oil export pipeline near Hodeidah in western Yemen. Five people were killed and another 35 injured.

A security official said that unknown gunmen detonated the pipeline that links the oil fields of Safir in Marib, north of Sana’a, and the port of Ras Isa on the Red Sea.

Oil spilled for several hours after the explosion and a fire also broke out when workers tried to vacuum the oil into barrels and tanks.

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Remains of a burnt car and oil barrels are seen at the explosion site in Al Hudaydah, Yemen on April 8, 2017. Yesterday, unidentified attackers started a fire at a pipeline as many civilians were in the area to purchase petroleum in west of Yemen. Leaking petroleum caught on fire and left 8 dead and 33 injured.

From The New Arab:

A fire broke out because of an electricity generator at the sabotaged pipeline leaving 13 dead, 26 injured, and 8 missing.

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An injured man is being taken to a nearest hospital in Al Hudaydah, Yemen on April 8, 2017.