From Gulf News:

Pro-Hadi government forces took two strategic mountains near the port city of Mokha after clashes with Houthi rebels. The rebels were surrounded by the government forces in their military camp.

“By taking control of Al Nar and Mabeta mountains, government forces have firm control over the camp and the surrounding areas,” Brigadier General Majili said.

The Houthi rebels currently control many areas along Yemen’s Red Sea coast and the government is trying to re-take them, claiming the Houthi have been using the ports to smuggle in weapons from Iran.

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Yemeni loyalist forces gather outside the west of the Yemeni coastal port town of Mokha, on April 12, 2017. Clashes have raged as government forces, backed by warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition, push to seize rebel positions east of the government-held Red Sea town of Mokha, military sources said.

According to Al Arabiya, 15 Houthi rebels were killed during fighting and airstrikes while 18 pro-government fighters were killed.

Coalition spokesman General Ahmed Assiri on Wednesday said current operations aim to clear the route east of Mokha towards the flashpoint city of Taiz, where loyalists are surrounded by Houthis.

“It is a difficult area,” Assiri said, adding that five Sudanese soldiers announced dead by Khartoum on Tuesday were special forces members killed in the same zone, known as Jabal al-Nar.

The current fighting is slowly making its way to the port city of Hodeidah.